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About us



For serious slot players since 2012

EuroSlots was established in 2012 with an expressed goal of creating an online casino that was all about slots. Over the years we have been recognized as the premier choice of serious slot players and we take great pride in this position.

We only present our players with the best slots available, from the best providers in the market and we compliment this policy by providing our players with a VIP service that is unrivaled in the industry. Add a range of super valuable promotions and lightning fast withdrawals and you have an understanding of what EuroSlots is all about.

We know what the serious slot players want and we are willing and able to provide. No matter if you are a beginner within the world of slots or a seasoned veteran, we have you covered.

We celebrate the big winners, guide you towards the best games, provide you with lightning fast withdrawals and serve you the best promotions in the market.

EuroSlots is where the serious slot players gather to enjoy some fun, excitement and massive winning opportunities.

Join us today for a slot experience like no other and see for yourself why we have been honored with the “Best Online Gaming Operator” award for the last 3 years running.

Responsible Gaming

Here at EuroSlots we are committed to creating a fun and responsible gaming environment. Gaming can be both entertaining and profitable. But you can't always win. Losing is a part of the game and you have to be prepared for it. Therefore you should play responsibly, and not risk money that you can't afford to lose. Gaming can also be addictive and make you lose perspective of time and money. We want your gaming experiences to be as positive as possible, even if you lose. Therefore we work hard to help you control your own gaming.

unveiling a new gaming experience for Europe

Experience and knowledge is the key. After working with online gaming for over 10 years we have decided to use this experience to create a brand new, different, and better online casino. We have gained experience as customers, employees and owners over the past decade. What are people looking for and what can be done better? EuroSlots is the end product of these questions.

At EuroSlots it will be easy to register, easier to play, simple to get help when it’s needed with easy and fast ways to deposit and withdraw your funds. And it should all happen in a way that you – the player – would expect.

EuroSlots offer a wide range of the best games available online. If the games are not good enough for our customers we simply do not publish them. We also have bonuses that we feel are the best on the market. You will find features unique to our casino – simply because we have created them ourselves for your pleasure. It is no coincidence that our slogan is: EuroSlots - for serious slot players!

We wish you a great gaming experience!